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Hello all:

Not a whole lot of time to write this week. Just wanted to post pictures of Coby's baptism from Sunday. It was a pretty special experience-- a lot of members showed up to support him, and the Spirit was really strong. He understands the basics of the Gospel really well, perhaps better than most of the adults we teach. But then kids are that way-- they don't often try to over complicate things and "look beyond the mark." I used to think it was cutting it close to baptize kids at 8-9 years old because they maybe wouldn't have a good enough comprehension to understand the covenant they are entering into.

But now I realize that they are the best candidates for baptism-- we need to get them taught the Gospel and baptized before they turn into adults and subsequently forget how to understand the Gospel as it's truly meant to be understood.
I hope to develop the faith and childlike simplicity of the Gospel that Coby showed on Sunday. Maybe then I could be the type of missionary that I long to be.

Hope everything goes well!
Elder Watkins

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