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T minus 6 Weeks!

Well, I guess this makes my first missionary blog post! My blog is located on the web at elderwatkins.blogspot.com. I've got everything all automated so that from the mission field, all I have to do is send a weekly update to my email account at home, and the amazing Gmail posts it to my blog. I've added a "Feed My Inbox" gadget on top of my posts, so if you want to automatically receive my updates by email, go to the blog site and sign up. You'll need to click the confirmation link that will be sent to validate your address, but you won't need to register or anything.

Well, on to actual missionary stuff. As most people know by now, I will be serving in the Colorado Denver South Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. For two years, I will be devoting my time to the service of the Lord and my fellow man: teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and working to help others in any way possible. I look forward to the opportunity to accept this calling, despite all those of you who have tormented me, the Arizonan desert rat, with horrific depictions of the "frigid Arctic tundra" of Denver. Fine, so it's a bit chilly... OK,a LOT chilly. WolframAlpha says -13 F isn't unheard of in that region, but then again, neither is 104. All part of the experience, I guess. =)

I opened my call on the 9th. I was so sure 5 years of Spanish would mean at very least "un misiĆ³n hispanohablante para mi," but the Lord always has His reasons-- I can't wait to see why I'm needed in Colorado. In terms of preparation, I have already got my 2 missionary suits, many ties (there were even a few gems at Goodwill), and more stuff to get my well on my way.

I know that this is a good work I'm about to begin, and I hope to serve to the best of my abilities. I'm very grateful for the blessing I have been given to be called to serve the Lord and all His children. I know that He lives, and I'm glad for the opportunity to bear my testimony of this. God bless you all.

-- "Elder" Matthew P. Watkins

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