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I love temple Wednesdays

Hello all:

I love Temple Wednesdays! Today was significant because Elder Mooney and I decided that we'd prefer waking up at a reasonable hour and catch a different session than the rest of the mission. Consequently, we arrived to a practically empty Temple-- peaceful, quiet, and still. The Spirit is so much stronger in the Temple when it's not full of noisy missionaries. Throughout our entire service today, I marveled at how reverent an atmosphere silence can create.

Not much to report this week. Just a lot of the same old stuff. I'm finding that it often takes a long time to solidify potentials into progressing investigators. This area has so much potential-- even from tracting! It just takes forever to contact those potentials again and start the lessons (about 3 weeks on average). Still, though the progress may be slow, the work is definitely picking up. I'm am pleased to see our weekly progress records and how the cells are slowly filling up with honest people searching for truth.

Heard about the election. Sounds like Republicans have gotten a bit more of a toehold in the US Congress and NC Assembly (thanks for the update, Dad). We're glad the election is over; maybe people will start answering their doors now that politicians aren't coming by every week or so.
Well, no more news today. Hope everything is going well on the home front. Here's some pictures of the fall here in the Colorado Foothills!

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