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Transferred to Peru?

Hello all:

Boy was this week interesting! Here's the pictured events:
  • Llamas: That's right-- llamas. While checking up on a media referral in an apartment complex, we stumbled onto a guy who was walking his pet... llamas. Couldn't resist a photo opp. (Wanted to tell y'all I got mission transferred to Peru and these are our mission cars, but the snow in the background ruins that idea.)
  • The Kemptons: Our wonderful senior couple who've been controlling our "frat house" are leaving. They are absolute angels, and we will all miss them..
Not photographed:
  • Prison visits: This week, we have visited a media referral and a less-active member-- both incarcerated. After an application and interview with the chaplain, we are now official clergy as recognized by the Jefferson County Sherriff's Dept. We visited these people (one in minimum security; one in medium) this past Sunday. What an experience that was! There is a definite spirit in that building into which I never want to immerse myself. To tell the truth, a lot of it looked like a high school inside minus the lockers.
  • Food poisoning: For this first time in my mission, I have missed a full day of work. =( It was definitely the most miserable day of my mission. Thank Heavens it's over!
  • P-Day: It's changing. Pres. Maynes decided we'd go ahead and conform to the rest of the Church and take Monay P-Days starting next week. I guess God is Lord of the Sabbath and preparation days, too.
We've also got some great progress on the way with some investigators, but that will have to wait until next week.

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