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Weather turning cold

Hello all!

Boy, what a week! Seems that the week passes by like lightning! Within one short week, the temperature has dropped from great, crisp, weather, to extremely windy (as in 70 mph gusts) and downright cold (as in lows in 20s). The leaves are starting to fall, and the roads are starting to get covered with yellow, red, and orange. It truly is sight to see. Hopefully I can take some pictures next week.

We have a new investigator as well. She's really sincere and looking for truth. We are so excited to be teaching her.

We also had an interesting Colfax experience yesterday. We tracted into a 3 people who want to come to Church. Being Colfax apartment, 2 out of the three were drunk, high, smoking, and/or had mental complications. But there was a really cool guitarist who was surprisingly both sober and sane. He sang a country song for us he wrote-- it was SO good! Then I got on the keyboard and we jammed out with "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief." It was pretty fun.

They were all really nice people, and who knows whose life and situations may change? The Gospel is wonderful-- it really is the answer and enabler of life. No matter what the situation of problem, all people are best helped as they learn and accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I think even we, as Church members, don't really understand it. I believe it was Dieter F. Uchtdorf that said in a recent General Conference, essentially, that the Gospel is the answer to all problems-- individual or societal, religious, moral, economic, physical, and anything in between. I never understood that until my mission. When people accept and live the Gospel, all aspects of life improve. I know that to be true.

Attached is Scott Petersen's rendition of the average mission-- I think I can personally identify 95% of these cartoon characters to real missionaries in our mission.

Now here's a question: which one am I? =)

Have another great week! And if you've been having rough weeks, here's my expert mood-lifting medical advice: try praying for and taking advantages of opportunities to share the Gospel-- it works! As a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, I promise that in His name, amen.

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