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Beautiful Foothills

Hello all:

Boy, what a fun area this is! The Foothills area is amazing! We've only been within 10 miles of our eastern border once, but that area is beautiful. The mountains are gorgeous (see pictures), there is wildlife everywhere (see pictures), and lives up to the Rockies' reputation.

In terms of missionary work, we are going forth searching for those who are ready for our message. If tracting responses are any indicator, this area is truly "white and ready to harvest." I'm so excited to see the work go forth here.

I've attached two drawings:
  • The Book of Mormon-- The Ultimate Missionary: This drawing was created by my youngest brother Joseph. I don't know if he quite understands exactly how on target he is. Every time I look at it (it usually hangs in our room), I am astounded by how profound it really is. It reminds me of how blessed we are to have the Book of Mormon. What a wonderful gift it is! I have seen experiences on my mission that confirm every day that the Book of Mormon is true. It's not until I got on my mission that i realized that everything we believe can be founded and based on the Book of Mormon.

    When I began my mission, I taught mainly from the Bible, trying to prove the doctrines we teach from the Old and New Testament. While this is nice, it lacks the convincing power the Book of Mormon has in conversion. It truly is far more powerful a witness, and has more potent a power than any elder or sister this world can send forth.

  • Asking for Referrals: This is a comic an elder in our mission drew up. Preach My Gospel instructs us to ask for referrals from everyone. This is supposed to help us find more people to teach, However, it is ironic to note that active members and uninterested people at doors have about the same referral rate. Usually when we ask members to share the Gospel, or to invite someone to hear our message, we get the same response, "Not right now, Elders!"

    I think we as active members tend to take for granted the blessings we've received from the Gospel, and don't really feel motivated to share it. We don't realize how much others need and sometimes even recognize that they want what we have to share!

    On the other hand, investigators who've received testimonies, and members returning to activity in the Church, are "easy to be entreated--" they know the new-found joy of activity in the Gospel a part of their lives, and are desirous to share that joy with others.

Hopefully we as members don't feel burdened, pressured, or even annoyed when missionaries ask us if we have any acquaintances they can teach. May we take a careful inventory of our lives and truly account for where we would be if someone had not freely shared the Gospel with us. It is only fair that we should be willing to share the Gospel with others freely as well. This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

PS: Yes, we have a wheelchair in our house-- it's kind of fun =)

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