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New Mission President

Hello all:

Sorry I haven't written for a LONG time-- hope Mom and Dad have been keeping up on everything.

We just had interviews with Pres. Alan R. Maynes and his wife. To be honest, it was like seeing a 4-yr-old play dress-up in his dad's clothes-- he hasn't quite fit into the mission president calling and legacy left behind by Pres. Christison yet (well, it's only been a week), but before we know it, he'll be filling, then overflowing that role. In three years, the next president will have a humongous legacy to live up to as he takes on the tattered but amazing mantle of responsibility left over from decades of high-quality mission presidents.

So we've discovered the HighLine Canal! We are expected to get 100 Quality Gospel Conversations ea. week (extremely hard without a downtown area or busy street), and the HighLine Canal Walking/Jogging/Biking trail helps. We're learning to be bold-- even chasing down bikers with headphones in-- we talk to absolutely EVERYONE. It's so much fun to see people's bewildered faces when we're tearing after them at 25 miles per hour in our top bike speed to tell them about our message.

We also tracted into a lady who was out working in the yard with her parrot. Before she could voice a warning, I had it in my hand and talked to it. Apparently it really likes missionaries and bites everyone else-- even the owners.

Also, here's a pic of Elder Harper.

Gotta catch a bus-- we're going bowling. Have a good week!

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