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Clean and Scrub

Hello all:

Wow-- what a P-Day! My bike got a flat, we spent three hours of spot-shining our housing, things keep breaking and falling to pieces, and no time for much of anything really enjoyable this week. Oye-- oh well, we've got 109 P-Days though the mission-- I suppose I can let this one slide, right?

On the plus side, we've made some progress on our investigators, and hope to help them set a date for baptism soon.

Here are some pictures to keep you happy-- a lot of Zone Conference Reunions:

  • Elder Jensen: My old MTC companion-- he's been out West since the beginning of his mission-- glad to see him at ZC this week. He's now out in the Arapahoe Zone (I think)
  • Elder Rambo and Elder Andersen (and me): Elder Rambo was an MTC roommate with Elder Jensen, Elder Chapman, and me. He's now Zone Leader Rambo =) Likewise, I haven't seen him since before Christmas. He was just too happy to see me to let me stay on my feet, apparently. Behind us is Elder Andersen (my son)-- he's now serving in Elder Rambo's and my old area (Crestmoor).
  • Our mission rendition of the Army of Helaman song. When we sing it at the end of Zone Conference meals, we always add a fitting refrain (listen at the end)
  • Elder Jensen: at the MTC
  • The MTC District (back to front, left to right): Elders Jensen, Watkins, Gneiting, Rambo, Naylor, Chapman, Lyons, and Trust (also Zone Leader-- not as silly now, are they?)
  • Elder Chapman: the only picture I have of my new/repeat companion =)

I'm glad to be able to come out here in Colorado to serve the people and serve the Lord. People may heckle and laugh, but most just ask us why. "Why do you give up two years of your life, and at such an important age, to come out here and do this?" "Why do you put up with dressing in a suit every day and working such long hours?" "Why do you always look so happy?"

To that we have to answer "Because we have been called by a prophet of God to share this message. And because we know this message is true. Because we love sharing these truths that have blessed our lives, and can bless everyone we meet. Because like Alma, we cannot rest, and like Nephi, we cannot be restrained, as the Holy Ghost always prompts us to bear testimony of those things that we know. Just... because.

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