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Chris's baptism

Hello all:

Not a lot of time-- we got a really late start on things this P-Day, and the library is packed! But that's OK because there's not a whole lot of stuff to report. Zone Conference was great-- we had a great training on "burying our weapons of rebellion" and dedicating ourselves to being worthy of the miracles God wants to give us. I've realized that over the past few months, my "greenie fire" has been slowly petering out. I'm still pretty obedient and work a lot, but my inner enthusiasm has decreased a bit. I made a commitment to never let that happen again-- I've done OK at maintaining the zeal that I had going into the MTC, and I don't plan to lose it now! I love my mission, and I love being a missionary-- it is by far the best things in the world I could be doing right now, and I believe there are still some people out there that are waiting for me and my companion to find them.

Also, here's the picture of the baptism a few weeks ago. Chris is doing well, and is starting to sound more and more like a Mormon. =) He already has set a goal to perform baptisms for the dead next month, and will be ordained to the Priesthood soon. I've never seen a ward jump so quickly into the transition from us to the members-- that's the great benefit of having many solid fellowshippers-- when the investigator has friends in the ward at baptisms, then his conversion won't expire with our transfer. I hope more and more members can get involved in helping recent converts-- they really need the friendship and help.

Well, gotta go-- hope y'all have a fantastic week!

Elder Watkins
Colorado Denver South Mission
999 E. Tufts Av.
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

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