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First real snow

Hello all:

No entry last week. Sorry-- no time last week. Almost no time this week, either. Here's a quick report:
  1. New elder living here-- a ZL from my MTC group-- Elder Eric Smith from Pink Hill, North Carolina. Pres. now has both NC elders living under the same roof. Can't wait to send "y'all" a voice recording of him-- he and his accent make me feel like a Yankee. =) I've started to pick it up a bit, too-- yikes!

  2. Snow! Snow! Snow! The first real snowing that we've had all winter has finally happened. Makes the work a lot harder when you're not allowed to drive anywhere.

  3. Zone Conference: It was today and it was great, as always. Sad, though. The sisters from my MTC group bore their testimony because it was their last one. Gah! People from my MTC group are going home really soon! It's Elder Mooney's last Zone Conference, too. Aye! I feel so old...

Not much else to report. Hopefully I'll have pictures to send to y'all soon. I did want to address one subject of great importance. The church, as many know, have a fantastic website,Mormon.org. It is such a great missionary tool, and has been extensively renovated. The Church has started a new ad campaign (see Elder Russell M. Nelson's most recent conference address). It's called 'I'm a Mormon." It allows all adult members to create online mormon.org profiles (think like a blog or facebook profile) where members can share about their lives, and a bit about the gospel. We are visiting the site with every member in the mission and helping them set up profiles. I ask every member who reads this to set one up for him/herself this week, and link their mormon.org profile to their facebook, linkedin, myspace, blog, or whatever account to it so their friends can see it. Let me know the results, too!

Well, love you all. Have a great week!

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