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Hello all-- I have big news

Well, I'm pregnant! If you are familiar with mission slang/lingo, you will know that far from the literal and altogether disturbing implications of such a statement, it is simply a way of saying that I have been called to train a brand-spanking new missionary from the MTC. Continuing my mission slang, my "first-born in the days of my tribulation" will be born tomorrow (at transfer meeting) from the pre-mortal spirit world (the MTC). So.... I'm a daddy! =)

So that's the good news-- the bad news is that Elder Baker will be heading out. We hoped to stay together and work hard this next transfer, but at the same time we were both praying individually that if one of us had to leave, that it would be the other one. This area is just such a great area and a fantastic ward that we didn't want to leave. Well, my prayers were answered, so I get to stay. I guess the Lord just likes me better =)

The work has gone very well while he and I worked here. We even achieved 20 lessons last week! Also, we have a new investigator. He's a young man that is friends with several current missionaries from his high school. He wants to know why they're doing what he's doing, and what this whole religion and Mormon thing is all about. He's a very bright intellectual agnostic (at the moment, anyway). We're helping him to learn to recognize when the Holy Ghost prompts him. He's interested and honest. He also has a sense of humor and is as much a music theory geek as I am. Great kid.

We also received a request for a visit from a Catholic Priest. We were a little hesitant about that one-- whether or not he would be open or friendly. We are proud to report that he was and we had a wonderful discussion and answered many questions about our theology, our doctrine, our practices, and even our organization-- how the Church is run and how meetings are conducted. It was awesome to sit down with such a good man and have such a great conversation.

Well, it looks like it will be an interesting transfer-- lots of work to do, and we're glad to do it. A personal note to Dad: You were right-- it is possible to work hard, give all your energies, and love the work. I enjoyed my jobs at the school cafeteria, and even more at Tekelec, but although those jobs were fun and fulfilling, they can't quite compare to the wonderful feeling of coming home after 9 or 10 hours of missionary work with no energy left, but that sweet feeling of knowing you gave it your all.

Well, I guess I can report back next week on my new baby companion. I saw the list of new elders coming in (there are 9), and my official prediction is Elder Mullenhall, but we will see. Until next week, bye! Stay warm!

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