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Hello all!

Hope everything's going well for everyone! Being a missionary, I don't get to watch, read, or listen to news (distracting-- go figure), but I have heard something about earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and other "diverse places," some killer whale incident, and snow covering the east coast. Hope everything's OK back home anyway.

This week has been pretty good. The work here is really picking up-- we are so close to getting our requisite 20 lessons per week that I'm sure we can achieve it this next week. Also, we are now up to 5 solid investigators! This is fantastic-- the members are finding people, and the Lord is blessing us in helping us to know where to tract to find people receptive to our message. We expect that at least one will respond to our invitation to be baptized by the end of March or mid-April, and hopefully more soon to follow. Gah-- this transfer is ending too soon. On March 11th, it's possible that I will have a new companion (and possibly a new area). I sincerely hope that I get to stay here and help out the work in this wonderful Willow Creek Ward, but "qué será, será, y no murmuraré ni quejaré, porque sé que el Señor guía a este misió, entonces, confiaré en él siempre."

Sorry-- I don't get much of an opportunity to practice my Spanish very often in this area.

Well, keep up the good work on the home front. I know this work is true, and that Jesus Christ guides this Church. I'm glad for the opportunity to share the message in Colorado and all over the world. I just wish more people would listen, even just to one 20-minute lesson. Or even let us do some yard work-- when they see the white shirt and ties, they never let us help out in any service whatsoever. =( Oh well, we'll keep up the good work.

Thanks, and love you all!

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