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Funny Stories For April

So-- limited time this week-- gotta make it quick:

1. Conference was amazing!!! I loved all the talks (that and we had two investigators here for it!).

2. Fun story: while tracting, we knocked on the door, and a young adult (aka delinquent) answered. We could hear grumpy parents loudly asking "Who is it?" and he tried to balance a conversation between us and his loud old folks. The cat started coming for the door, and they started hollering "Cat coming!" He responded, "I know!" Either because they couldn't hear him, or because they wanted to keep warning him, they continued, "Cat coming!" "I KNOW!" "Idiot-- the cat's coming!!!" "I KNOW! JES@!* CHR$%&!!!" And then, from the missionaries: "Yes sir, that's exactly who we're talking about, sir!"

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